Jon Watts is Enthusiastic About a Potential Venom and Spider-Man Crossover

Jon Watts is Enthusiastic About a Venom and Spider-Man Crossover

Despite the fact that Spider-Man is firmly entrenched in the MCU, Sony’s Venom exists outside of that continuity. Sony has made no secret of its desire to have a small Marvel movie-verse of its own. However, Venom’s intrinsic link to Spider-Man has left some hope for an eventual crossover. While promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home, director Jon Watts addressed a potential Venom and Spider-Man team-up and expressed his enthusiasm for it.

ComicBookMovie asked Watts how a crossover between Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would work given the tonal differences in their films. But Watts indicated that the two franchises aren’t so dissimilar after all.

“I found Venom to be so funny and I thought Tom Hardy was so great, I don’t know that they are so different,” said Watts. “I think you put those two Toms together and you’re going to see something pretty special.”

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During an interview with CinemaBlend, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige suggested that the ball was in Sony’s court.

“I think probably it’s up to Sony. Sony has both those characters and has Venom in their world,” said Feige. “I don’t know what their plans are for another Venom or if they’re doing that. But it seems likely at some point.”

Although Venom and the MCU movies don’t take place in the same world, that shouldn’t be enough to stop the crossover. Far From Home deals with the multiverse, and it was also a big part of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. If Marvel and Sony are amenable, it wouldn’t take too much to bring Venom and Spidey together again.

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