Box Office Report Predicts Avengers: Endgame Will Fall Short of Avatar’s Record

Box Office Report Predicts Avengers: Endgame Will Fall Short of Avatar

Whatever it takes may not be good enough for the Avengers to grab one last world record. On Friday, Marvel Studios re-released Avengers: Endgame into theaters for its “Bring Back Event;” which was a fairly transparent attempt to catch up to Avatar‘s worldwide box office mark. However, the early returns from this weekend suggest that Endgame will not be winning that race anytime soon.

According to Deadline, Endgame will finish the weekend with $6.3 million and bring its domestic total up to $842.1 million. But even if Endgame receives a significant boost from Spider-Man: Far From Home next week, it may still fall $22 to $27 million shy of Avatar‘s $2.78 billion. One of the key reasons is that Endgame hasn’t quite been able to match Avatar‘s performance in countries outside of the U.S. and China. Endgame played extraordinarily well on the world stage, but Avatar appears to be safe for now.

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Back in April, Captain Marvel received a sizable bump from Endgame and added $21 million to its domestic total. Deadline’s report suggests that the Endgame re-release was targeted for this weekend to take advantage of Far From Home‘s arrival on Tuesday, July 2. That strategy will probably pay off for Marvel and Disney, even if Endgame falls short.

Do you think that Endgame will eventually catch up with Avatar? Should the re-release have included an extended cut or more extras? Let us know in the comment section below!

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