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Video: The Avengers Are Coming For Avatar

The Avengers Are Coming For Avatar

Avengers: Endgame is back in theaters this weekend complete with additional content. Kevin Feige made the announcement last week but remained mum on the reasoning behind the decision. Some pointed to the move as a way to enhance the expected revenue pop Endgame is expected to incur in the lead up to Spider-Man: Far From Home. The same happened for Captain Marvel ahead of Endgame‘s release in April. Plus, who wouldn’t mind a nice refresher on the state of the MCU ahead of its new era?

But there’s another clear motivation for the move. Marvel has James Cameron’s Avatar in its sights. Endgame currently sits roughly $37 million behind Avatar on the worldwide box office charts two months after its record-breaking opening. The film’s ticket sales have slowed in that time, stalling out just below its predicted overtaking of Cameron’s technical achievement.

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But this “Bring Back” event is a perfect ploy to get fans back into the theater and push the film over the top into cinematic history. Even if it only reinvigorates fans for two weekends, it may be enough to oust the Navi.

The future is never certain, though, so we’ll have to wait and see. But don’t be surprised if the impossible happens ahead of Spidey’s next ride. After all, who can refuse a direct order from Iron Man himself? Whatever it takes to beat Avatar!

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