Lauren Shuler Donner Isn’t Producing Marvel’s X-Men Films

In some ways, Lauren Shuler Donner deserves credit for the modern superhero movie boom. She personally acquired the X-Men rights in 1994 and helped kickstart the franchise that finally concluded with Dark Phoenix. If not for that original film, the MCU as we know it today may have never come to pass. But after nearly two decades, it looks like the sun is officially setting on Donner’s time with Marvel’s mutant heroes.

Donner recently sat down with /Film to talk about several of her upcoming projects. In addition to revealing that she hasn’t seen Dark Phoenix yet, Donner spoke about whether she still has a future with the X-Men now that Marvel Studios is handling the franchise.

X-Men now belongs to Disney and it’s in their capable hands,” said Donner. “That’s really up to Kevin Feige. He started out with me. I trust him. I think whatever he does, it won’t be right away. I think he’s already dealing with the plan that he set in motion for the other Marvel universe. But, I will not be involved most probably. I’ll be a friend of the court.”

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Donner’s remarks run counter to an article published by The Hollywood Reporter back in March. Their report suggested that Donner must appear listed as a producer on every X-Men-related film, regardless of her level of involvement. Donner herself even indicated a willingness to team up with Feige again after working with him on X-Men and X2. However, it sounds like this won’t be the case.

Donner also produced all three Wolverine solo films and both Deadpool films. She has also been an executive producer on the X-Men-adjacent TV shows Legion and The Gifted.

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