Spider-Man: Far From Home

Early Far From Home Reactions Show a Bright Future for Spider-Man

As the first MCU entry to follow Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home has big shoes to fill this summer. Marvel Studios has yet to provide any concrete details about its Phase Four slate. However, their latest film offers an early glimpse into how the world has moved on after Thanos’ assault. Fortunately, audiences are responding well to Peter Parker’s international adventure.

The first reactions to Far From Home have made their way online, and to call them glowing would be an understatement. You can check out several highlights below.

Germain Lussier of io9 praised Far From Home for its “huge reveals.” But thankfully, it doesn’t forget to explore the nuances of Peter’s emotional state in the aftermath of Endgame.

Yet another classic Spidey villain makes his big-screen debut in the form of Mysterio. And according to Uproxx’s Mike Ryan, Jake Gyllenhaal was an excellent choice to bring him to life.

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Unlike Lussier, Mashable’s Angie J. Han thought the film could have done more with Peter’s “emotional arc.” Regardless, she felt the “warmth and humor and awkward teen romance” more than made up for this.

Kevin McCarthy might have had the highest praise of all. For 15 years, many fans have hailed Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 as the best Spider-Man movie ever made. However, McCarthy insists that that distinction now belongs to Far From Home.

ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis also praised the onscreen chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland. But more notably, he was wowed by the ways it sets up the MCU’s future.

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A comic book film can only succeed if it captures the essence of its source material. And if Collider’s Steven Weintraub can be trusted, Far From Home does that perfectly.

Preeti Chhibber of SYFY Wire called the film the “most comic booky movie Marvel has put out.” And although most fans know the drill by now, she insisted that the two post-credits sequences are something special.

Jake Hamilton of Fox 32 and Good Day Chicago singled out Far From Home’s climax as “one of the best” of any Marvel standalone feature. Additionally, he asserted that Tom Holland will always be known as “the greatest Spider-Man ever.”

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Jim Vejvoda took note of the movie’s use of humor and, surprisingly, its “sly commentary.” He also promised there are plenty of impressive set pieces for the more action-oriented viewers.

Of course, everyone’s wondering who the new face of the MCU will be now that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are leaving it behind. According to MTV News’ Crystal Bell, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is a more than worthy candidate to assume that mantle.

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