Battinson: The Best Social Media Responses to Robert Pattinson as Batman

Earlier today, we reported the news that Robert Pattinson will be the next Dark Knight. He’ll fill the role for Matt Reeves’ adaptation of The Batman, which is set to open in 2021. Once the news began making the rounds, some observers expressed optimism for what Pattinson can bring to the role. However, Pattinson’s days as a “sparkly vampire” in the Twilight series has also been frequently mentioned.

We’ve found a number of responses to Battinson, many of which you can see below. Some are on the positive side, while others…aren’t. But they’re all quite interesting.

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Keep in mind that Pattinson is facing the same skepticism that other actors had when they were cast in iconic roles years ago. For instance, Heath Ledger got similar skepticism when he was announced to portray the Joker in The Dark Knight. Since then, it’s become the stuff of legend. And remember when people were like, “Wait, Michael Keaton?!” Now he’s one of the best Batmen out there.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images