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Video: The History of Quentin Beck a.k.a. Mysterio

The History of Quentin Beck a.k.a. Mysterio

Questions surrounding the MCU’s version of Mysterio continue to abound as we roll along toward Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s release on July 2. But the character’s illustrious 55 year history with Spider-Man may shed some light on his intentions. Spidey’s rogues gallery is full of outlandish villains whose powers are as unique as their costumes. But few bad guys stand out more than Quentin Beck.

Donning his trademark crystal ball helmet/fishbowl, Beck utilized skills acquired during his career in cinematic special effects to pull off numerous capers. His chemistry knowledge fueled many anti-Spidey plots. And Beck’s renowned skill for disguise allowed him to dupe Peter Parker and others around him into doing his bidding. Beck made himself into one of Spider-Man’s most ingenious foils. And not even death could keep Mysterio down for long.

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Mysterio has had run-ins with other superheroes, most notably Daredevil. During Kevin Smith’s classic, “Guardian Devil” storyline, Mysterio attempted to drive Matt Murdock insane. His machinations led directly to Karen Page’s death at the hands of Bullseye. But regardless of his impact, Mysterio has never had the last laugh.

As we await Jake Gyllenhaal’s incarnation of Mysterio, Superhero Hype is taking a look back at the comic book history of Quentin Beck. Perhaps Mysterio’s greatest trick in the MCU will be to convince Spidey that he’s a friend and mentor. However, it would be a mistake for Peter Parker to take Mysterio at face value. After all, he is the master of illusion.

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