Fans Want a Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel, and Ron Howard Approves

Even though Solo: A Star Wars Story wasn’t the blockbuster success that Disney was looking for, some fans loved it more than others. Now several of those fans are pushing forward with a campaign to get a sequel – with an unexpected nod of approval. A social media push has been launched under the name “Make Solo 2 Happen.” Fans have even gone as far as to make T-shirts devoted to said campaign, such as the one below.

Solo viewers who didn’t like it obviously provided their negative opinions about the campaign. But the results largely appear to be positive, especially regarding a sequel. Solo director Ron Howard also gave it a playful approval.

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Howard’s post generated even more love on social media, as fans poured on praise for the underappreciated prequel. Some of them are below.

As far as a Solo sequel goes, it doesn’t seem likely at the moment. The film did end up making $392 million worldwide. But that puts it on the lower end of the box office spectrum of the franchise. Both Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Last Jedi cleared over $1 billion by comparison.

Following Solo’s box office disappointment, Disney put its Star Wars spinoff plans on hold. However, it did recently confirm several new unannounced films coming starting in 2021.

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