Detective Pikachu

Weekend Watch: Detective Pikachu Grab Bag

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WARNING: Although we’ll be keeping this spoiler-free for the most part, we will delve into spoiler territory toward the end. You’ll find another spoiler warning below, but until then, have been forewarned!

In this week’s edition of Weekend Watch, we’re celebrating the release of Detective Pikachu with a grab bag of content. First up, we have a TV spot, along with a duo of behind the scenes featurettes. Next is a fun video whereby the film’s cast reviews Pokemon Memes, followed by a scene breakdown with the director.

Following this, we’ll be heading into spoiler territory with some B-Roll footage before closing things out with a spoiler review.

What a Pikachu World

Starting things off with a nice mood-setter from Ryan Reynolds himself, we have a surprisingly reverential video that celebrates the live-action versions of Pokémon. Set to Louis Armstrong’s 1967 classic “What A Wonderful World,” this trailer highlights the majesty and wonder of this universe. To quote Reynolds’ description: “I’m not crying, you’re crying.”

Becoming Pikachu

Lightening things up a bit, we have a clever “featurette” that once again comes from Reynolds. In a play on Inside the Actor’s Studio, Reynolds sits down to discuss how he got into character for the role. Obviously this video is 95% facetious, but it’s still absolutely hilarious in the driest way possible, especially with Blake Lively’s comments. This video proves that Ryan Reynolds is a national treasure that we don’t deserve.

Detective Pikachu BTS Featurette

Next, we have a quick behind the scenes featurette for Detective Pikachu that comes from Warner Bros. UK. We learn more about what attracted Reynolds to the project, along with his interpretation of the character. We also glean more from star Justice Smith about Tim’s arc in the film. Although it is pretty straightforward, we do get to see some nice B-roll footage spread throughout the short video.

The Cast Of Detective Pikachu Review Pokémon Memes

Next, we have a light and fluffy video from Teen Vogue which features co-stars Smith and Kathryn Newton as they rate Pokémon memes. The Detective Pikachu duo naturally nerd out about their love for Pokémon, and they also show off their chemistry. Fans are able to ask the important questions using various pop culture references.

Anatomy Of A Scene – Detective Pikachu

This video from The New York Times features director Rob Letterman breaking down one of Detictive Pikachu’s crucial scenes. Although the video is restricted to what is essentially an abbreviated audio commentary, there’s some interesting info here. Letterman runs down the difficulties and challenges associated with shooting an early scene in the film. In addition to going over the script and acting requirements, Letterman also discusses his lighting choices.

Final Warning: Spoilers from this point forward!

Detective Pikachu B-Roll

Next, we have Detective Pikachu b-roll that comes curtsey of Future Flix. Naturally, this fly-on-the-wall look at what it took to shoot the film is always fascinating, even if it excludes audio. Although the video starts off with some bits of Reynolds’ voice sessions, it quickly transitions to the actual production itself. Right off the bat, it’s interesting to note how the actor’s presence on set completely set the tone for his animated counterpart. Aside from this, the video offers glimpses of the chemistry between the cast members, the direction, along with some decent footage of the production design. Most importantly, it does a great job of highlighting the film’s neo-noir inspired, 35mm cinematography.

Detective Pikachu Spoiler Review

Finally, we’ll close things out with a spoiler-filled review of Detective Pikachu from the folks over at Collider. What’s great about this video review in particular is that it features unfiltered thoughts from hard-core fans of the franchise. The hosts discuss their initial thoughts on the movie, the world creation, along with included characters. In addition, they explore the many references that the film has to offer, as well as some of its problems. Overall, it’s a lively, yet casual discussion from genuine fans.

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