Far From Home Producer Addresses The Daily Bugle’s Absence in the MCU

Aside from an off-screen (and ultimately shoehorned-in) presence in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it’s been 12 years since J. Jonah Jameson and his Daily Bugle cohorts last graced the silver screen in Spider-Man 3. Many assumed this was because J.K. Simmons gave such a standout performance as the character in the original trilogy. In fact, some fans have called for Simmons to reprise the role even though the Spider-Man franchise has long since been rebooted. But according to Spider-Man: Far From Home producer Eric Carroll, it’s about more than just finding the right actors.

Via CinemaBlend, Carroll revealed that Marvel Studios hasn’t ruled out bringing Jameson, Robbie Robertson, et. al into the MCU fold. However, they’ve struggled a bit when it comes to introducing them in a way that doesn’t rehash previous films.

“We’ve absolutely talked and thought about those characters a lot,” said Carroll. “Even in specific reference to this film. And what we just want to make sure we’re doing is presenting them in a way that doesn’t make you feel instantly like you’ve seen it before. So, we have a couple of ideas — some of which I can’t really go into detail, because they’re a spoiler. But it’s absolutely something.”

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The world has also changed a lot since 2007. Not only has the the rise of social media flipped the news industry on its head. But the fact that most smartphone cameras allow anyone to take high-quality snapshots poses an issue as well.

“Like, if we had an in for the Daily Bugle that wasn’t just your traditional newspaper and Peter Parker… there’s this cool-weird thing happening where being a photographer isn’t necessarily a mark of distinction anymore. We all have better cameras in our pockets than most people owned 10 years ago.”

Carroll went on to explain that bringing The Daily Bugle into the modern age would require some reinvention.

“So, how do we get Peter or somebody into that world without… do people really aspire to be photographers for the New York Times anymore?” Carroll asked. “Or do they aspire to have their Tweet reposted and so on? So, we’re trying to pay as much homage to the source material as possible, and we do think there are a couple of fun ideas like that in here — again, most of which I don’t want to spell out for you, but we want to pull out as much of the mythology that people love in a way that’s totally faithful and what people love about it, but in a way that doesn’t remind me you he is Spider-Man.”

How would you like to see the MCU introduce The Daily Bugle into their Spider-Man series? Who would you cast to play Jameson? Let us know in the comment section below!