Daredevil Cast Member Reflects On When He Was Almost Captain America

There’s no question that Chris Evans has been the ideal actor for Captain America for some time, at least to most fans. That said, it’s interesting to see who could’ve almost had the role…like a certain cast member from Marvel’s Daredevil.

Back in October, Wilson Bethel, who portrays hotshot villain Bullseye in the series, shared a story with CBR. In it, he explains how he was almost cast as the iconic hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I mean, that was both, probably the single most exciting time of my life and also the single most devastating when it didn’t happen,” he explained.

With Avengers: Endgame arriving in theaters today, he decided to revisit that moment recently on Twitter, but in a fun way. He posted a message showing him dressed up in the classic Captain America jacket and t-shirt. And he jokingly admitted how bitter he was over it. You can see the picture and message in the post below:

Jokingly, he posted a follow-up tweet which you can see below.

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Bethel doesn’t hold a grudge about Evans getting the role, despite the jokes. He noted back in October how his becoming Bullseye in the final season of the series made up for it.

“The fact that things have kind of come full circle in a way, and I still get to be a dude in a suit [as Bullseye], is pretty exciting,” he said.

While it’s sad that Daredevil has come to a close, fans can still see Bethel in action. It’s still available on Netflix, and isn’t likely to vanish soon, thankfully. It’s a good chance to see what he does for the role of Bullseye – and what might have been for Earth’s mightiest soldier.

Do you think Bethel could’ve made a great Captain America, or are you happy with Evans’ performance? Let us know in the comments below!