Brie Larson Didn’t Know The Avengers Were In the Captain Marvel Post-Credits Scene

(Warning: mild spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead!)

With Avengers: Endgame set to open tonight, fans are eager to see what Captain Marvel adds to the team. But, ironically enough, she hasn’t really brushed paths with them that much – not even in the post-credits scene.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night, Larson brought up that scene. In it, she returns to Earth after the remaining Avengers activate Nick Fury’s pager, asking where he’s gone. But according to her, they actually weren’t in the same scene together.

“So I didn’t know…there’s a tag in Captain Marvel where it like whip pans to me and all the Avengers and I’m like ‘where’s Fury?’ I didn’t know that was a tag for Captain Marvel,” Larson explained to Fallon. 

“I didn’t know what that was that we were shooting. There was also nobody else there. I was by myself on a green screen and I walked in and they were like ‘just real quick we’re going to whip pan over to you and you’re gonna go where’s Fury?’ and I was like ‘Cool cool, got it got it got it.’ They whip-pan over to me and I was like ‘Wait, where…Where is he actually, like…Is he in the room…like what room am I in? Is he in the other room? Like another universe?'”

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She continued, “They’re like ‘He’s very gone’, and I was like ‘I think that this means he’s dead.’ So then afterward they were like ‘Okay great, so after you say that could you look over to the other people in the room?’ and I was like ‘Okay, who else is in the room?’, and they were like ‘Five people’ and I was like ‘Okay, could I have a tape mark’ and they were like ‘Sure’. So they put the tape marks up and I went ‘Where’s Fury’ and just kind of (focuses on each mark one by one).'”

But then she saw the post-credits scene in the film, and it clicked. “And then I had the pleasure at the Captain Marvel premiere and seeing what the scene was and going ‘Oh, that’s what that meant.”

You can watch the interview clip below as well as the post-credit scene in question from Captain Marvel. What do you think about Captain Marvel teaming with Earth’s mightiest heroes? Let us know in the comments below!