Avengers: Endgame Set To Make $850-900 Million Worldwide This Weekend

With Avengers: Endgame ready to release in just mere hours, anticipation for it is at an all time high with fans. And a new report suggests that its box office haul could be the biggest ever for a Marvel Studios release.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that, based on estimates, the forthcoming conclusion to the Thanos saga could make tremendous bank for Disney. The site says that the film could generate around $850 to $900 million in its opening weekend alone. The U.S. would account for a huge chunk of that, somewhere between $270 to $300 million domestically.

That puts Endgame on the path to eclipse Infinity War’s record numbers from last year. When the first half of the Thanos saga opened, it produced $257 million in its opening domestic haul. It would go on to make $678 million in the U.S., and $1.3 billion worldwide. That brings its tally to just over $2 billion – a number Endgame could easily beat in the midst of its run.

Theater owners are going all out to assure Endgame gets continuous showings to cater to fans, much to their delight. Some theater chains like AMC added round-the-clock screenings of the film, going well into the night. It’s not the first time a film release has gone this route, but with Endgame, it’s a much more effective strategy. That balances out with the film’s epic 3 hour-and-58 second length. The fact it’s on 4,600 screens doesn’t hurt either. That’s more than Infinity War had with its 4,474 theaters.

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Where will Endgame end up once its run is over later this summer? Some estimate that the film could crack $2 billion easy – and may even topple Avatar’s record $2.7 billion haul. Based on early ticket sales, that’s definitely reachable.

It’s already off to a good start in China, with $27 million in ticket sales for its first day alone.

Avengers: Endgame releases in theaters on April 26. When will you see the blockbuster Marvel sequel? Let us know in the comments below!