Kevin Feige Teases Potential Captain Marvel Sequels Set in the Past

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Captain Marvel!

Over the weekend, Captain Marvel crossed $300 million in its third week at the box office. Naturally, a sequel is inevitable even if Marvel Studios isn’t ready to confirm that. However, Marvel’s Kevin Feige is already dropping hints about when potential Captain Marvel sequels might take place.

While speaking with ScreenRant, Feige said “I think one of the things that’s fun to us about the timeline of this film and the potential of future stories with these characters is there’s a great past, not just of Mar-Vell, but of the entire Skrull/Kree conflict and also this gap of history between when Carol Danvers flew off with Talos at the end, spoiler, and when she arrives with the Avengers.”

“We wanted to give her her own corner of the universe, her own mythology,” continued Feige. “While we’re not specific about this in the movie, there’s potential to understand where has she been this whole time? Why haven’t we seen her yet? The answer is revealed and hinted at in this movie as she was dealing with a colossal, universal conflict in another section of the MCU.”

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Although Telos and his band of Skrulls ultimately had good intentions in the movie, Feige also indicated that the rest of the Skrulls may not share Telos’ outlook.

“Part of the twist…is about [fleashing] out these pointy eared, green aliens,” said Feige. “Making them real, making them fully formed and part of, for better for worse, part of being fully formed and being a three-dimensional species is there are probably good ones as we’ve seen in this film. And there are probably bad ones.”

Within the Marvel Universe comics, the Skrulls have frequently tried to infiltrate Earth and claim it as their new homeworld. The Secret Invasion crossover even featured the Skrulls executing a long term plan by replacing Earth’s heroes with sleeper agents. After Captain Marvel introduced the peaceful Skrulls to the MCU, the probability of a Secret Invasion adaptation seemed less likely. However, if Feige is willing to explore to explore the Skrulls’ more sinister side, then that story remains a possibility. Additionally, there are also Skrull villains, including the Super-Skrull, who could potentially threaten the Fantastic Four and other Marvel heroes.

Do you want to see Captain Marvel sequels set between her first film and Avengers: Endgame? Should the sequel also explore the Kree-Skrull war? Let us know in the comment section below!