Marvel Artist Discusses Nick Fury’s Influence on the Skrull Design

Captain Marvel continues to clean up on box office success. It has already amassed $773 million worldwide and should make even more as this forthcoming weekend arrives. But an interesting story regarding the inspiration of the Skurlls’ design from the film has emerged from one of Marvel Studios’ own.

Jackson Sze, who serves as a senior visual development artist for the company, recently provided two new images and a story on Instagram. In it, he explores the personality of Talos, one of the key Skrull characters in the new Marvel film. You can see the full post and the attached images below.


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I did this painting of Talos (final design by @ianjoynerart ) to set the mood and explore his personality. The 2nd image is one of my takes on the character. – – – Talos was described to us as a Skrull spy. I thought since young Nick Fury would interact with Talos, he would come to see Talos as the ultimate spy and model his own look after him. Basically Talos would be the inspiration for Fury’s iconic trench coat look. A little bit of design reverse engineering. It is not MCU canon but my own reason for Talos having a trench coat. – – – Many talented artists who worked on this film are sharing art. Check them out! @andyparkart @ianjoynerart @anthony_francisco_art @rodneyimages @johnstaubart @jsmarantz @constantinesekeris @aleksibriclot @pboutte – – – #captainmarvel #talos #skrull #spy #characterdesign #costumedesign #conceptart #conceptdesign #film #mcu #marvel #marvelstudios #filmart #painting #digitalart #digitalpainting #digitalillustration #mood #alien #trenchcoat

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It’s a neat idea that potentially leads to the iconic look that Samuel L. Jackson provided for the character over the past few years. Now the real question is where Fury’s fate goes from here. The fate of his character is still unknown for Avengers: Endgame after what unfolded in Infinity War. We’ll find out for sure when the movie opens in a few weeks, on April 26.

You can check out more of Sze’s Instagram channel here. It includes pieces of promo materials from Captain Marvel, but there’s some original artwork as well.

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