Captain Marvel

Weekend Watch: Origins & Evolution of Captain Marvel

(Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Captain Marvel. You have been forewarned!)

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In this week’s edition of Weekend Watch, we’re taking a look at the origins and evolution of Captain Marvel (a.k.a Carol Danvers or Ms. Marvel) throughout the years. Along with this, we’ll also delve into the origins of some other characters that are sure to appear in the Captain Marvel movie. First up, we have a few videos on the Origin and Powers of Carol in the comics, the history of the character, along with a deeper, more detailed recap of her origin.

Next, we’ll break things up with a video on the evolution of the Captain Marvel in TV and movies, followed by a duo of videos that look into the origins of the Kree-Skrull war and the villainous Yon Rogg. Finally, we’ll close things out with a recap of Carol’s most recent origin story form the comics.

Captain Marvel Origin and Powers Explained

This video from The Cosmic Wonder takes a truncated look at Captain Marvel’s origin. It also offers a handy rundown of her powers and abilities. Along with her human skills as a fighter pilot and a spy, we also learn more about her superhuman side.

History of Captain Marvel

In this video from the always-great Variant, we get the cliffnotes version of Carol Danvers’ history. This video does a good job of summarizing the namesake’s complicated and confusing legacy in the comics. It also recaps the reason Carol Danvers eventually took on the mantle of Captain Marvel.

Comics Explained: Carol Danvers

This excellent twopart recap from Comics Explained explores Carol’s origin story in far more detail. To begin, it adds some context to time period when Carol was created. Specifically, the feminist movement of ’60s, which helped shape Carol’s identity. There’s a ridiculous amount of information to digest in these videos and they do a great job of covering the ups and downs of Carol’s history – including the infamous Avengers #200.

The Kree-Skrull War Explained

Our next video comes from GameSpot Universe, and it delves into the storyline of the Kree-Skrull war. This classic comic arc inspired several aspects in the movie. This video does a decent job of summarizing the classic crossover event. It also quickly covers the presence of the Kree in the MCU and how the Skrulls might play into things after Captain Marvel.

History of Yon Rogg

In another great video from Variant that delves into the history of Captain Marvel villain Yon Rogg. As with all of Variant’s content, this video explores the history and evolution of the relatively obscure character. Additionally, we also get some insight into Rogg’s powers and abilities.

Captain Marvel’s New Origin

Finally, we have a good video from Comics Explained that breaks down the updated origin of the titular character in 2018’s The Life of Captain Marvel. The recent storyline attempted to modernize Carol’s backstory and retconned a key part of her origin.

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