Marvel Unveils a ’90’s Themed Captain Marvel Website

The release of Captain Marvel is just a few weeks away, and Marvel Studios has launched the film’s official site. It’s a complete throwback with flashy fonts and overly busy backgrounds. Basically, it’s a lot like the GeoCities and Angelfire sites from the ’90s. Of course, the nostalgia trip isn’t the only surprise waiting for fans.

Inquisitive fans have a lot to discover, if they poke around on the site. For example, the “top-secret” Nick Fury section has nothing available to read. But there are two gifs that fans can download. One shows Fury petting Goose the cat, and the other features the future S.H.I.E.L.D. agent nodding his head. Strangely, there is also a guestbook, but it doesn’t allow users to sign it. The site also allows fans to buy tickets for the film.

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Additionally, there is an interactive quiz that challenges people to identify shape-shifting Skrulls. The quiz implies that there might be more alien invaders on that train than previously assumed. Of the eight available choices, four are Skrulls. That includes the old lady that Carol Danvers punches in the trailers and promotional clips. The site also plays into the paranoia caused by the Skrulls’ arrival on Earth with the following description.

Shapeshifters who live among us? Posing as grandmothers, small children, or even your friends? How can you tell and what can you do when confronted by this menace? Take the test and PREPARE YOURSELF for the coming events!!!

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8. What do you think about the film’s throwback website? Let us know in the comment section below!