Assemble Media Developing a Mercy Sparx Adaptation

Writer Josh Blaylock has joined forced with Assemble Media to produce an adaptation of his Devil’s Due Publishing comic book series Mercy Sparx. Via Newsarama, the venture will see the title character making appearances “across film, tv, and digital” platforms.

Blaylock founded Devil’s Due in 1999 and co-created Mercy Sparx with artist Matt Merhoff in 2008. The series follows the boisterous exploits of its titular chain-smoking, hard-drinking demoness after her banishment from Hell. Left to her own devices on Earth, it wasn’t long before the other team, Heaven, recruited her to be their personal muscle. Now she hunts down renegade angels who have fallen out of favor with the folks at the top. So far, the series has published more than 20 issues, all of which are collected in a 400-page omnibus. After an extended hiatus, Blaylock announced last summer that the series would be returning to print this year.

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Founded by Jack Heller, Assemble Media is a fairly new production company that specializes in independent features. Their most recent release is 2017’s Brawl in Cell Block 99. That film was directed by S. Craig Zahler, with Vince Vaughn in the leading role. According to Blaylock, the studio is the perfect home for Mercy Sparx’s supernatural adventures.

“I am a huge fan of Assemble’s pull-no-punches aesthetic, and I couldn’t be happier that Mercy is in the hands of people whose work I greatly admire, which is metal-music to Mercy’s ears,” said Blaylock in a statement. Heller also voiced his enthusiasm about the new project. “I’ve followed Mercy’s adventures from the beginning, and we are thrilled to be working with Josh on her next chapter,” he said.

Heller, Scott Veltri, Brendan Deneen, and Daniel Alter are producing Mercy Sparx for Assemble. You can share your thoughts on the upcoming adaptation in the comment section below!