Weekend Watch: Aquaman Press Tour

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In this edition of Weekend Watch, we will be taking a look at some of the best material from the Aquaman press tour. Even though the movie won’t be released to the public for another week, the promotional tour for the film has already taken the cast around the world. This time around, we’ll be taking a look at Jason Momoa’s wonderful press tour video diaries, along with a few fun interviews with the actor on late night talk shows. Additionally, we’ll check out interviews with Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson. We also have a quick video from a recent fan screening and finally, a surprise Haka performance from Momoa at Aquaman’s LA premiere. So without further adieu, let’s jump right into Weekend Watch!

Jason Momoa’s Press Tour Video Diaries

Up first, we have a fascinating look inside what it’s like to experience a world press tour. The videos – which come from Momoa’s newly formed YouTube page – are a wonderful look at what it takes to travel all around the world to promote a movie. The first episode follows the Chinese leg of the tour, and they provide great insight into not only Momoa personality, but also the tough schedule that the actor has to promote the movie.

The second video follows Momoa on the British leg of the tour, offering the indelibly hilarious image of the actor eating Bolognese while drinking Guinness, naked in a bathtub.

The Third episode – which follows the New York City leg of the tour – features more of the same, including a random appearance in Times Square with the actor wielding a trident. Unfortunately, he doesn’t break it, at least as far as we’re aware.

Jason Momoa Responds To IGN Comments

Next, we have a fun video from IGN where Momoa responds to to some of the comments about the movie. Although the content itself is pretty light, there’s a certain amount of joy to be had in watching the actor call one of the commentators “an idiot”. The video is certainly indicative of Momoas no-holds barred and wild personality.

Amber Heard On The Tonight Show

In this interview with Jimmy Fallon, Amber Heard dishes on playing Mera, what it was like to work with Momoa and how the crew helped her solve a particular problem she was having on set. Not only do we get a clip from the movie itself, but we also get to hear about a pretty mean joke that her co-star pulled on her. If there’s one funny takeaway from this video, it’s that Momoa loves to break stuff – specifically any trident that he seems to come into contact with.

Water War & Trident Throwing With Jason Momoa

Up next, we have a trio of videos –also from the Tonight Show – that once again showcases Momoa at his finest. While the first video is a bit older, it does provide a lot of context for the latter two. Even though Fallon alludes to it in his interview with Heard, there’s something absolutely hilarious about the way that Momoa is able to intimidate him so effortlessly. It’s really great when guests put late night hosts on their toes, and Momoa is certainly as unpredictable as they come.

Patrick Wilson On The Late Show

In this interview with Stephen Colbert, Patrick Wilson sits down with his longtime friend to discuss his role as King Orm in Aquaman. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how Wilson came to sing the national anthem with Colbert, how the actor physically prepared for the role, or what his favorite line from the movie is, then this interview is for you. Aside from showcasing a clip from the film, we learn a little bit more about Orm’s motivations in Aquaman, suggesting that the film will stick closely to The New 52 version of the character.

Aquaman Fan Screening

In this short video from Warner Brothers, we get a quick look at the Aquaman fan screening that recently took place in New York last week. We get some quick fan reactions, inter-spliced with a surprise appearance from Momoa, Heard, Wilson, Willem Dafoe and of course the film’s director James Wan. There’s not much to extract here, other than the fact that people seem to be enjoying the movie – at least according to Warner Brothers.

Jason Momoa Performs Haka At Aquaman Premiere

Finally, we’ll wrap things up with another video from Jason Momoa’s YouTube page. In the video, we see Momoa honor his cast and crew with a traditional Haka performance at Aquaman’s LA premiere. In case you are unaware, Haka is a ceremonial war dance that originates from the Māori culture. The dance was originally used to intimidate tribal opponents, but in modern times Haka is meant to signify the importance of an event. Also, we get Momoa breaking yet another trident – overall a productive day for the actor.

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