Queen Atlanna Fights For Her Family in New Aquaman Preview

Warner Brothers has shared a new clip from Aquaman via ComicBook.com. It features Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) and her husband, Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison), as well as their young son, Arthur. This short clip also demonstrates that the future Aquaman got his moves from his mother.

At the beginning of the scene, Atlanna and her husband are corned by Atlantean soldiers. However, she quickly takes out all of them. She even uses her trident in an intriguing way. However, the clip hints that Atlanna’s victory will be short lived. To protect her family, she may have to leave them behind.

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During a previous interview, Aquaman director James Wan told ComicBook.com how this scene was filmed.

“The way we did it was we removed the ceiling of the set and we had spidercam just on wires zip all over the set from one character to another character as the character goes around beating up the soldiers,” said Wan. “And it was very technically challenging to try to get that all done but I just thought that was a great way to show how strong the character is but without sort of cutting it up. And it was actually a really fun thing to shoot. Took two days to shoot that shot. Many takes.”

You can watch the new clip from Aquaman below.  Are you excited to see Atlanna do battle in Aquaman when it hits theaters on December 21? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!