Berserk Chapter 373 Release Date How to Read

Berserk Chapter 373 Release Date and Where to Read Legally

The Berserk chapter 373 release date is nearly upon us, and fans will want to know where to read it as soon as it comes out. The latest arc has been published at a fast pace, and so far, it’s been a fitting tribute to the late Kentaro Miura. Luckily, though there was a four-month gap between the last two chapters, it seems like things are back on track for semi-monthly releases.

When does Berserk chapter 373 come out?

Berserk chapter 373 release date is allegedly May 26, 2023. A fairly reputable manga news Twitter account, Manga Mogura RE, claims it’ll be in Young Animal Issue 11/2023. However, we read through the latest issue of Young Animal, and Berserk is the only series that didn’t include a release date for the next chapter.

Unfortunately, the tweet from Manga Mogura RE doesn’t include a source, so we cannot verify the release date. Additionally, news outlets we’ve seen claim that the above date is correct have cited either the above tweet or the Young Animal Twitter. However, after reading a month and a half of tweets from the official account, there’s no evidence Young Animal announced a release date for Berserk 373. So, while the chapter might come out on May 26, take the whole thing with a grain of salt.

How can I read Berserk chapter 373 legally?

Unfortunately, if you don’t know Japanese, you’ll have to wait quite a while to read the latest Berserk chapter legally. Dark Horse is the official distributor in the United States, and it only sells by the volume, not individual chapters. The latest part to be translated is Volume 41, which contains chapters 358-364. We’ll likely see Volume 42 release later this year, but if it continues the previous trend, it’ll only include chapters 365-371.

We’ll likely be waiting until some time in 2024 for an official English translation of Berserk chapter 373. However, if you read Japanese, you can view up to 40 chapters a day free on the official website or grab the online edition of Young Animal for 440 yen.