Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Nemesis Swords Prop Replicas by Weta

Rebel Moon, a film by Zack Snyder, is definitely not Star Wars. Sure, he may have pitched it as a Star Wars project at one point, but now it’s entirely its own thing. So when you see glowing space swords in it that chop through limbs, rest assured that they are not lightsabers. Not legally. They are, in fact, Nemesis’ Swords. And now you can own a replica pair, complete with the full light-up effect. Justifiably angry spider-woman foe is not included.

Revenge of the Non-Jedi

The not-lightsabers are made by Weta, known for all their work on Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth movies. It seems they have the license now for Rebel Moon prop replicas, and these first offerings look like they’ll be well-enjoyed by cosplayers for the energy effect. In the movie, they’re wielded by Doona Bae’s character Nemesis, a cyborg with a tall and wide-brimmed hat, who wields a guilty conscience as heavily as she does her deadly weapons.

Here’s a video of what it looks like when a regular human wields them:

According to the official release, “Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and machinery, our artists meticulously crafted the unique shape of these deadly weapons. When combined with precise paint applications and LED lighting rigs, they faithfully replicate the signature superheated glow as seen on screen.” They use USB cords to charge, which are included. Limited to an edition of 500, each set of two swords costs $299.

A 25% nonrefundable deposit is required, and they should arrive in late spring, possibly in time for summer convention and cosplay season. One hopes, but they don’t guarantee that. Now, Weta, let’s get some antlers like the kind worn by Anthony Hopkins’ robot.

Check out a couple of the official product images below: