McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs Nicolas Cage Mandy Figure

At last, the new McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs line offers up an actual maniac from a movie. Arguably everyone’s favorite maniac, too — Nicolas Cage — soaked in blood, and wielding a gigantic ax. Okay, technically, the character is named Red Miller, but how many of the people buying it know that factoid offhand? This is a collectible that will sell more because of the actor than the character.

Despite All His Rage…

In Mandy, Cage’s Miller is the boyfriend of author/artist Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough), who gets kidnapped and murdered by a religious cult. Miller must descend into a surreal underworld to have his revenge as director Panos Cosmatos blurs the line between reality and drug-fueled nightmare. There’s even a tiger involved.

Naturally, old-school McFarlane Movie Maniacs fans might be annoyed that we’re not getting a full-on action figure, because there are so many cool accessories Red could come with. Consider this a beginning, though, and not the end. If it sells well, who knows what’s next?

Red Miller is a McFarlane store exclusive in a limited run of 3,000, though he sells for the normal Movie Maniacs price of $24.99. He comes with the standard trading card, curved backdrop, base, and mystery accessory (most likely a reproduction of one of Mandy’s book covers). He’s 6-inch scale, unarticulated, and attached to his base, but should display well with similarly sized figures. Unfortunately he does not include a sound chip, because who doesn’t want a yelling Nicolas Cage toy?

Unlike a lot of preorders going up today, Red Miller just might arrive in time for the holidays with a December ship date. So if the man in red you want to see in your home during the season is a bloody Cage rather than Santa, well, your wish could be Todd McFarlane’s command. Check out the figure images below: