Hot Toys Brings Ahsoka’s Grand Admiral Thrawn Back to Our Galaxy

Originally created by Timothy Zahn for his Heir to the Empire novels, during a time when no further Star Wars movies seemed planned, Grand Admiral Thrawn remained a popular villain thereafter. He arguably became the most popular character, and certainly the number-one villain, from what was then called the Expanded Universe. So ever since all of that was decanonized, fans hoped to see him again somehow. And when Dave Filoni’s in charge of a Star Wars show, it is inevitable that any prior good ideas not yet used in canonical media will make it somehow.

Thrawn Cocktail

Thus did Thrawn finally show up in the Rebels cartoon and the live-action show that effectively became its sequel series, Ahsoka. Lars Mikkelsen continued to portray the character in both media and now he finally has a Star Wars toy that looks like him (only blue) with Hot Toys‘ newly revealed Grand Admiral Thrawn 1/6 scale figure.

Though the head includes the company’s new rolling eyeball feature, what’s most impressive is the hair. It’s not rooted hair, but it looks like it is, gelled and slicked into place. That’s impressive sculpting, as is the exact likeness of Thrawn as he appeared in the show.

The Grand Admiral doesn’t need a lot of accessories, as his primary skill lies in getting others to carry out his orders. He does, however, come with a blaster, datapad, and large translucent hologram of his Star Destroyer docked into the hyperspace ring. Multiple hands allow him to hold everything, and place his fingers together like Mr. Burns going, “Ehhhhxcellent!”

Preorders begin now for $255, with payment plans available. The extremely loose delivery timeframe ranges from next October to March of 2025. Luckily for you, Thrawn is a patient man, er, Chiss.

Undecided? Here are all the official images for your perusal: