Live-Action Hera Syndulla Gets a Very Lifelike Hot Toys Figure

In the Star Wars universe, it may not seem like a coincidence that the word “heroine” rhymes with “Hera win.” Because Hera Syndulla pretty consistently comes out victorious, no matter what the struggle. With her crew of rogue rebels, she led the Lothal uprising and the first defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn. From audio-visual clues in Rogue One, we can surmise that she helped maintain the base on Yavin 4. In the recently completed first season of Ahsoka, she’s a New Republic general who has earned the right to flaunt the rules at will, knowing that loyal colleagues will always back her up based on her track record.

She’s Syn-ful

Hot Toys has clearly been waiting for the opportunity to make a lifelike Hera figure, and the result should please fans of both the character and actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. From the realistic pores down to the veins in her individually rolling eyeballs, this Hera looks alive, not just in combat but displayed on your shelf.

Per the official description, this figure features “a skillfully crafted head sculpt with separate rolling eyeball system and articulated lekku, specialized body to portray Hera Syndulla’s physique, finely tailored outfit and jacket with embroidery design, a blaster, an utility bag with tools, a tracking device, a communicator and a display base!”

All well and good, but can the goggles actually move down over her eyes? Probably not, since none of the official pictures show it. As she never pulls them down on the show, thus far, that makes the toy accurate. (Even in animation, she only covered her eyes with them once to ride on a wolf.)

Hera’s not yet up for preorder as of this writing, but fans can sign up here to get a notification when she is. Expect to pay somewhere around $275 if the usual prices hold up. Still undecided? Maybe all the images below will help.