Star Wars Holocomm Collection Makes Figures Look Like Bounty Chips

Sorry about your wallets, Star Wars collectors. Hasbro has found yet another way to use old sculpts in completely different ways. Hologram figures have been a mainstay since Power of the Force, using clear plastic to simulate the onscreen appearance of communication holograms. More recently in The Mandalorian, bounty chips could project holograms of the wanted individual. The new Holocomm Connection simulates those, with battery-powered Holopuck bases that light up the clear-plastic figures and included Aurebesh chips. Press the button to illuminate or hold for a 30-minute light display.

See Through, the Gimmick

Yes, 30 minutes. These figures will hold your attention with changing lights for a full half hour. You will be paying extra for it, though — these are Black Series scale, Based on figures that originally sold for $24.99, these will now run for $34.99 for the extra base and light show.

Since they look like bounty chips, the first wave includes characters who’ve had bounties on them. The Mandalorian, Bo-Katan Kryze, Axe Woves, Ahsoka Tano, and Han Solo make up this wave of outlaw scoundrels with prices on their heads. Most are based on recent figures; Han looks based on the Bespin outfit. All three Mandalorians include removable helmets and jetpacks, and everyone carries their signature weapons cast in clear plastic.

Collecting them all may be a bit of a scavenger hunt as each goes to a different retailer. Ahsoka’s headed to Walmart, with Bo-Katan at Target and Axe to Amazon. The Mandalorian is a shared Shop Disney and Hasbro Pulse exclusive, while Han will show up at most other online retailers and Hasbro Pulse as well. You’ve got time to save, as all are expected in Spring of 2024.

All right, bounty hunters — look at the official pictures below to see what it is you’ll be looking for. The choice, literally in this case, is clear.