One: 12 Comics-Based The Mask Figure Details From Mezco

The Mask is a dominant pop culture icon to this day, due in large part to Jim Carrey’s iconic turn. But its a shame that the comics it’s based on don’t receive the same kind of love. They’re a lot more violent and darkly funny, with a major Monkey’s Paw vibe.

Yes, the Mask turns its wearer into an indestructible avenger with the abilities of a cartoon character. However, it also uses those powers to indiscriminately murder. As long as the wearer doesn’t fight the Mask, they’re one merged personality. If a wearer becomes self-aware, they might have a shot at removing it. But once they do, of course, they’re vulnerable again to all the enemies they made as the Mask. Stanley Ipkiss didn’t survive for very long in the original story.

Ssssssmokin’ Guns

Mezco‘s bringing that version of the Mask into the 6-inch toy realm, with a fully tailored suit and multiple heads. This includes a hilariously cartoon-like shaky face, and a bullet-hole head. Accessories include bombs, a Tommy gun, pistol, submachine gun, and a four-part uber-gun with interchangeable barrels. Jazz it up with three muzzle-fire blasts, and hold them all with nine different hands. Don’t be fooled by that smile. This guy is primed to blow some holes in people with no remorse — not, at least, until the mask comes off again.

Mezco has preorders up now at $112, with a non-refundable deposit of $28 required upfront. Expect delivery sometime next summer, as approximately as these dates tend to go.

Get a gander at more official images below: