Dune: Part Two Action Figures Once Again Precede the Movie

McFarlane Toys once again timed its Dune action figures to the movie’s scheduled release date. That delayed release means — once again — the toys will come out quite a bit in advance.

Preorders begin today for Dune: Part Two action figures, and there are a few more offerings this time. The basic series will include four figures, but rather than a build-a-figure, they’ll be augmented by several multi-packs.

The biggest innovation here is cloth capes and robes, which McFarlane Toys usually doesn’t do. Aesthetically, though, it seems the only way to capture the light, loose desert styles, as opposed to sculpted, opaque plastic. Paul and Chani both have robes like these over their stilsuits, with Paul appearing to have two.

New villain Feyd-Rautha (Austin Butler) has the sort of sinister black cape beloved by all villains. Emperor Shaddam, hilariously, looks like Christopher Walken just woke up and put on his bathrobe. Presumably he’s got some kind of sculpted underwear under there.

But Wait…

Then it gets complicated. If you want Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin), he doesn’t come by himself. He’s available either in a two-pack with Rabban (the previous build-a-figure sculpt), or a four-pack with Stilgar, Paul, and Chani. Paul and Chani come with different weapons and robes; Stilgar appears to be new, but a helmeted version of Stilgar also comes in a two-pack with Shishakli (Souheila Yacoub), featuring a dual figure base and cannons. The four-pack is an Amazon exclusive; the Stilgar-Shisakli only at McFarlane.com.

Finally, there’s also a Paul vs. Feyd final battle two-pack, with no capes, but different head sculpts. Notably absent from the line is an in-scale Baron Harkonnen, who’s only been made as the sole 12-inch figure, out of scale with the rest. Ditto Princess Irulan — if you want a Florence Pugh action figure, look to Marvel Legends instead.

Entertainment Earth has the basic figures at $22.99, with the two-packs at $39.99. (No capes = discount!) Amazon has the 4-pack for $69.99, with Stilgar/Shishakli $39.99 at McFarlane. They also have a discounted all-in bundle that includes every figure except the Amazon 4-pack for $175. That’s ten figures, averaging out to $17.50 apiece. Expect delivery in October or November, way ahead of the movie, now set for a March release.

Take a look at images of the individual figures and sets below (save the Amazon 4-pack, which has no images up yet).