Hot Toys Makes Live-Action Sabine Wren Look Extremely Alive

Star Wars fans love Mandalorians, and they love Jedi. Sabine Wren already is one and hopes to become the other, maybe by the time Ahsoka on Disney+ is through. Popularized on the Rebels animated series, Sabine now reaches a whole new fandom as portrayed by Natasha Liu Bordizzo. Ever the rebel, Sabine does things her own way, never quite grasping the whole “master and apprentice” concept. With Hot Toys‘ newest figure, she can quite literally roll her eyes at authority.

This Is the Way

From the official description: “The collectible figure features newly developed head sculpt with incredible likeness, meticulously crafted Mandalorian helmet and armor with unique paint applications, form-fitting under-suit, a lightsaber, a pair of blasters, an LED light-up Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber, the adorable loth-cat, Ezra Bridger hologram miniature and a themed display stand!” Remarkable, isn’t it, that they haven’t revealed an actual name for the loth-cat yet? Then again, it took Lucasfilm quite a while to reveal the true name of “Baby Yoda,” so they clearly like their cute secrets.

As of this writing, Sabine’s price has not been revealed, but by the time you read this, it may be up at Sideshow Toys’ website. By the time you receive it, Sabine on the show may have fallen to the Dark Side, as she certainly wouldn’t be the first person tempted there by love. With this figure in hand, though, you can enact her adventures the way you want to see them.

Get a good look at all the official images down below, and then decide for yourself if this aspiring knight of Wren belongs with you.