Retro-Carded Marvel Legends Add Moon Knight and Debut Spider-Man

One is divinely powered. The other is amazing. Both will go up for preorder at in two weeks. Moon Knight and an Amazing Fantasy-styled Spider-Man never got Toy Biz action figures in the ’90s, but now they’ll get more articulated versions on cards that look like they did. The figures themselves may look a little familiar, but previous versions are tougher to find these days. The classic cards, meanwhile, will hit older collectors right in the feels.

Webby Knights

Moon Knight obviously uses an older body since the joint pins are still visible. But he comes with two heads, allowing fans to customize the fearsome face they prefer. He also packs in five Moonerangs, alternate fists of Khonshu, and his battle staff.

Amazing Spider-Man features the recent, more poseable body, with mid-torso ball joint, ab crunch, and pinless arms and legs for extensive arachnid poses right from the page. He comes with six extra hands, two different sets of under-arm web wings, and a web rope to swing from. All those accessories and the extra joint up the costs a bit — he’ll go for $27.99, while Moon Knight’ll run you $24.99.

Target exclusive preorders tend to go fast, so set your alarms for 9 a.m. eastern time on Sept. 15th if you want to score this pair for your personal Marvel Legends roster. or you could wait and try to find them in a store…and good luck with that.

If you’re undecided, get a load of all these official images below, and maybe the choice will be clear thereafter. Khonshu wills it.