Hot Toys to Bust Star Wars Budgets With Stormtrooper Sergeant on a Dewback

What makes a 12-inch Star Wars figure by Hot Toys look even cooler? A giant creature to ride, of course. But when the figure by itself goes for close to $300, you’d better be flush with cash before pursuing that giant 1:6 scale reptile for him to mount. At just over two and a half feet long, the patrol Dewback isn’t articulated, but if you buy either the deluxe version or the lizard-and-trooper combo, that reptile includes an interchangeable right foreleg and bonus head. You can also buy a less deluxe Dewback and the figure separately, but if you’re in this deep, why not get the set?

Set for Stun

Per the official descriptions, “This highly-accurate Sandtrooper Sergeant collectible figure is specially developed with great details including a meticulously crafted Sandtrooper armor and helmet with distinctive weathering effects, a white pauldron signifying the sergeant ranking, a highly detailed survival backpack, the memorable droid ring part, two heavy blasters, binoculars, a rod staff and a desert-themed figure stand.”

“The highly-accurate Dewback is skillfully developed based on the appearance of the creature in the film. Approximately 80cm in length, the magnificent collectible features greatly detailed head and body texture, an interchangeable open mouth head, and a saddle for its rider!” The saddle assembly also appears to feature realistic fur.

As of this writing, pricing and order details are not yet available, but you can join the RSVP list for notifications. Take a look through all the pictures below to see if it’s worth the dollars it’ll set you back.