McFarlane Toys Debuts Batman ’66 Comic-Based Figures

Holy expanded universe, Batman! Possibly stymied by a lack of further actor likeness rights, McFarlane Toys have expanded the Batman ’66 toy line into an area that doesn’t need them. From the Batman ’66 comic book come new villains, heroes, and variants, all without the need to secure any more estate rights.

Unfamiliar Faces

A 1966-style Superman certainly stands out, especially if anyone expected him to look like George Reeves. Rather, this face resembles a hybrid of current Batman Robert Pattinson and vintage Superman Kirk Alyn. He comes with pieces of Kryptonite, as most vintage Bat-villains would be way overmatched without it.

Assisting the caped crusaders is a vintage-style Robot Batman that definitely looks like it could have been a man-in-suit effect.

On the villain end, Lord Death Man looks ready to reap what he’s sown. What ’60s actor would have been perfect to play this bone-brained foe?

The Joker, of course, is always up to some crazy schemes. In this case, he has redesigned his costume to become a caped crusader for chaos of his own!

In addition to the newer figures, McFarlane will rerelease the classic Batman and Robin, along with their Batmobile. All figures in the line are 6-inch scale, rather than McFarlane’s usual 7-inch. However, since the figures resemble actors with normal physiques, they tend to look small next to some of the beefier 1:12 figures of the moment.

Many of the individual figures have been quick insta-sell-outs, but Entertainment Earth, as of this writing, still has full cases of six, which include classic Batman and Robin. No longer confined to Target, it appears this line is going wide to all major online fan channels. Expect to pay around $17.99 apiece, which makes these the cheapest collector focused 6-inch figures around. To the Bat-phone with those preorders!