Super7 Ultimates G.I. Joe Wave 5 and Godzilla Wave 4 Reveals/Preorders

Super7 moved fast. While prototypes of their Ultimates G.I. Joe wave 5 and Godzilla wave 4 were on display at SDCC 2023, they’re already up for preorder, with images of more finished figures and accessories. As usual, buying directly from Super7 has its bonuses — the Joes get extra weapons, and the monsters get two extra heads. If you’d rather save on shipping than get the extra parts, there are always sites like our partners at Entertainment Earth.

Yo, ‘Zilla!

The G.I. Joe wave continues with animated-style characters and scene-specific accessories from certain episodes. The Crimson Guard, designed for army building, includes two unmasked heads, as well as coffee and a donut. Cover Girl includes a loose hair head and a helmeted head, Major Bludd is his bad self, and Roadblock sports the orange pants immortalized in those redubbed “Knowing is half the battle” fan edits.

The Godzilla/Toho monsters wave features the crystal-packing Space Godzilla and the robot M.O.G.U.E.R.A. The alternate heads feature blast effects for fighting dioramas.

All are up for preorder right now, with the Joes coming in at the usual $55 each and the larger monsters at $85 each. You have until August 18 to place an order. Expect delivery possibly by next May, though Super7 can be overly optimistic at times.

Take a good look through all the images below along with a couple photos we took of the prototypes and see if these characters need to join your collection. Knowing (what they look like) is half the battle, after all.