SDCC 2023: Masters of the Universe 1987 Movie Evil-Lyn and More

We’ve only waited 36 years for this figure. Presumably thanks to actress Meg Foster returning to Masters of the Universe to voice Motherboard in the new animated Revolution series, Mattel appears to have gotten her to sign off on an action figure based on her Evil-Lyn in the 1987 live-action movie. The colors have been adjusted to be a bit more “toyetic,” showcasing more purple than the movie lighting made evident, but it’s unmistakably movie Evil-Lyn. She comes with the same cosmic key that movie Skeletor did, allowing fans to have two, as in the film.

“We Are Closing in on the Thenurian as We Speak”

The rest of the Masterverse figures revealed are a split between the Revolution animated series and the New Eternia line based on concept art. Mattel seems to have gotten the weirder concept art figures out of the way, as the new ones are closer to on-model with smaller changes. Triklops as seen in the minicomics, Man-at-Arms with clean-shaven upper lip, Mekaneck with a shield, and Trap Jaw looking pretty much like Trap Jaw. New packaging will emphasize individual artwork (and minimize plastic) rather than the current, more generic blue box.

The Revolution figures give us a new look at the techno-virus version of Skeletor, now named Skeletek. He’s taken a cue or two from Trap Jaw himself.

Also from the show, we’ll see Sorceress Teela, a more classic looking Battle Armor He-Man (as opposed to New Eternia’s bearded and jaded version), “Gandalf the White”-style Orko, Snout Spout, and Gwildor, making his animation debut.

No Hordak figure just yet, though he’s surely coming. Take a look at the rest of the Masterverse figures below.