McFarlane Toys Finally Makes a Batman and Spawn 2-Pack

It’s been Todd McFarlane‘s dream — since he started his iconic toy company — to make a Batman/Spawn 2-pack. Now that dream is a reality, and judging by the fact that preorders at many outlets have already pre-sold out after his announcement, McFarlane wasn’t alone.

Weirdly, though, this 2-pack doesn’t actually represent the artist’s own crossover comic.


The comic featured Spawn’s original design, with a smooth costume and red splashes on the sides of his torso. Batman donned the blue and gray, even if the blue was a touch black-ish. In this set, Spawn wears the redesigned gritty costume, with no red on the torso, a larger boot, and more jagged spikes and cape. Batman, meanwhile, is gray and black, though his cape is suitably large and McFarlane-esque.

The simple explanation is that these are partial retools of existing figures. It’s the Spawn from the recent throne set, with a retooled cape, and the Batman is a revamp of McFarlane’s first (and unfortunately, worst) Batman figure, with new cape, forearms, and head. They come with a new base piece and double-sided backing card that shows a pile of skulls on one side, and artwork from the comic — as if to prove these aren’t comic-accurate? — on the other.

Given that it seems to be selling very well, the chances of a do-over actually based on the comics are better than not. Until then, this one goes for $49.99, which is about $10 more than buying individual Batman and Spawn figures separately.

Take a look at the images below, and you decide.