Masters of the Universe: Revelation Motherboard Exclusive Figure at SDCC

The big bad “revelation” at the end of Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation series will now get her first-ever toy, but it’s big and exclusive. Motherboard, the idol worshipped by the Techno-Virus cult led by Triklops, revealed herself as a manifestation of the former Screech, pumping Skeletor full of nanites and revealing herself as a representative of the Evil Horde. As voiced by the live-action Evil-Lyn movie actress Meg Foster, she’s set to become a big part of the sequel series, Revolution. As such, she’s getting the biggest figure to date in the Masterverse toy line.

One Big, Bad Mother

Joining other giant characters like Tytus and Megator from the vintage line and Procrustus from Classics, Motherboard stands 12 inches tall with a two-foot wingspan. She comes with a cloth cape, collar, and nanoprobe injection cables. As always with Comic-Con exclusives, the box opens up to mimic her transformation, and creates a display stand. She also comes with alternate hands, like most figures in the line, and a display stand with “etched techno details.” Time to start buying up those cult gear versions of Trap Jaw and Triklops!

When the size of the figure nearly doubles, so does the price. Motherboard goes for $65 at Comic-Con, and fans will need to enter a lottery to even approach the Mattel booth. She’ll also be on sale at Mattel Creations starting July 21.

It’s not clear if a less deluxe version might come to retail later on. If she proves to be as major a player as she seems, the chances are better but definitely not a guarantee. So, take a good look at the official images below and decide now if you need this literal cult icon on your shelf.