Super7 SDCC Cobra Pop-Up Store G.I. Joe Exclusives

It’s customary for Super7 to turn their San Diego store into a themed base of operations for the duration of Comic-Con. For a few years, it would always take on a He-Man theme. More recently, it’s gone to G.I. Joe. Or, more specifically, G.I. Joe’s enemy, Cobra. This year, they’re going to be stocked up with exclusive figures representing the forces of evil — and maybe throw in a few Joes as well, for cannon fodder.

Rhapsody in Red

Not one, but two of their 7-inch Ultimates lead the way, and in this case, both are based on overseas repaint characters. First, there’s Rednok, a character released in India by Funskool that used Baroness and Lady Jaye parts, with a color scheme in — you guessed it — red.

Red Jackal, a repaint of Destro, was released in the UK as part of the Action Force line, a hybrid of original creations and repainted Joes. He was intended to be a very different character, working for the evil Baron Ironblood, whose logo was a skull and crossbones. Red Jackal drove a red version of the HISS tank called a Hyena.

The 3-3/4-inch cartoon-based line from Super7 will get some love too, including a multipack of clay and skeleton warriors from “The Pyramid of Darkness Part 3.”

Bolstering the more human ranks will be a G.I. Joe MP and a Python Patrol trooper:

Then in a whole other scale altogether, the Cobra SNAKE armor gets the Super Cyborg treatment. These 11-inch tall robots usually open up to show inner circuitry, but this one opens up to show the animated-style Cobra trooper inside.

In addition to these toys, branded socks, shirts, hats and even jigsaw puzzles will be available. But don’t count on them being at the Super7 booth. You might have to venture outside, and find the lair of the enemy where they lie, and plot to sell you fiendishly marked-up merch to fund their diabolical operations.