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Ahsoka LEGO Set Reveals a New Look at a Spoiler Return

This probably won’t come as a massive spoiler to anybody who takes two minutes to think about it, but Ahsoka on Disney+ is likely going to see the return of the Ghost from Rebels, and a new LEGO set based on the show seems to confirm that. LEGO sets don’t always match up to the tie-in media, but the major Star Wars sets usually do. And there’s another seeming spoiler here as well — Hera’s son Jacen is included as a minifig, but he no longer has green hair. While there’s probably a plot-related reason, the easiest explanation is that it saves the production time and money if they don’t have to dye an underage actor’s hair every day.

Who You Gonna Call? Ghost, Buster!

The only other familiar Rebels character included as a minfig is Chopper, along with new characters Lt. Beyta and First Officer Hawkins. Clearly Zeb, whom we saw hanging out at a bar for New Republic pilots in The Mandalorian, is not part of the regular crew at this point. (He’s also a very expensive character to realize onscreen in live-action.) Sabine has gone her own way, but should be back in the fold along with Ahsoka herself shortly.

The LEGO Ghost features a modular design that allows for easy removable of the front, middle, and rear sections. The Phantom II shuttle can separate from it, and the upper turret fires spring-loaded projectiles. Hasbro is rumored to be announcing a 1/18 scale Ghost for HasLab at Comic-Con, but that’ll probably be in the $500 range. The LEGO Ghost runs a mere $159.99.

Take a look at the images below to see more of what Hera’s ship might look like now.