It’s Miller Time for Hot Toys With The Flash Movie Figure

Hot Toys may be taking a chance making and marketing an incredibly lifelike Ezra Miller figure, but they may also be counting on their performance in The Flash movie (as two lead Flashes) dutifully impressing the masses, perhaps to the point that they’ll buy two. Both masked and unmasked, Barry Allen’s eyes can be moved for realistic gazes. Put a real flash of recognition in his eyes, if you can.

Flash! A-ha!

The Flash comes in his — Miller may be they/them, but the character Barry is he/him — WayneTech Flash suit, with removable eye lenses, light-up chest emblem, and glow-in-the-dark reflective “power up” lines.

Per the official description, Hot Toys’ The Flash also comes with, “a newly developed Barry Allen head sculpt and The Flash cowled head with interchangeable lower faces,” and “an additional helmet with visor accessories and adjustable lightning effects to complete his look” along with a “specially designed LED lighted figure stand with The Flash logo that allows unique display.” In some markets, a special edition of the figure comes with a life-size Flash ring for you to wear — it opens, but does not include a pop-out suit that grows to fit you.

Before Hot Toys inevitably gets into all the Batsuits seen in the movie’s Batcave, it looks like they’ll at least do one of the lead hero’s outfits first. He has another that seems inevitable, but perhaps they should see how this one does. As of this writing The Flash move figure is not up for preorder, but keep checking Sideshow Toys’ site, and expect him to run around $300 (“run” figuratively, not literally.)

Check out all the official pics below, and decide for yourself if this Flash is right for you.