Power Rangers Reveals: More Cobra Kai and Remasters

With the Power Rangers turning 30 this year, current owners Hasbro have big toy plans, and this week announced several of them. Most commemorate the original Mighty Morphin incarnation, but some of the latest Power Rangers reveals are downright novel.

First, the crossovers with other licenses continue, as the Cobra Kai Rangers continue. Miguel Diaz appropriately bears an eagle symbol, and sports the Eagle Fang dojo logo on his back. Johnny Lawrence represents a boar for some reason, which may be an in-joke about his boorish behavior. Both include ninja masked heads and unmasked actor likenesses. They will be Target exclusives, save a limited amount currently up on Pulse.

Classic arch-villain Rita Repulsa previously only came in a wedding-themed 2-pack with Lord Zedd. She’ll soon be available separately, with soft-goods robes and alternate portraits, as well as her power staff. She’ll enter the deluxe villains line, as will her Minotaur.

Fans who didn’t get the original Rangers the first time — or want more accurate versions now — can pick up the remastered versions. The original Pink, Red, and Green Mighty Morphin Rangers get the treatment this time, with improved likenesses, transformation energy effects, and weapons in morphed and non-morphed forms. This time around, the Red Ranger gets the gold shoulder armor.

Both the remastered Rangers and deluxe villains run $33.99, with the Cobra Kai crossover figures at $27.99. Preorder them all at Pulse while supplies last.

Get a gander at some more official images below. Then let us know what you think in comments!

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