The Mandalorian Creates Action Figure Justice for R5-D4

It initially seemed like a happy little accident. In the original Star Wars, Uncle Owen intended to buy C-3PO but not R2-D2, separating the longtime friends. In his poor judgment, he picked R5-D4 to be his astromech, only to see the red-tinted droid’s head seemingly explode. Later retcons have cast R5’s breakdown as a deliberate choice, to ensure R2-D2 got to Anakin Skywalker’s son. The Mandalorian‘s latest season affirms the astromech as a hero and a survivor, still active years after his apparent breakage. And still useful and brave, assisting Din Djarin and Grogu on their dangerous mission to Mandalore.

Hasbro just announced two new R5-D4 figures. The character has been a stalwart in Star Wars toys since the beginning, but not always faithfully. When Kenner first relaunched the Power of the Force 2 line, R5 became a gimmick figure who split apart to become a rocket launcher. The new Black Series figure utilizes the improved R2-D2 Return of the Jedi body, with various attachments and an extending neck to store them in. The Vintage Collection version lacks those, but should work with the upcoming N-1 starfighter.

Neither includes the leg jets as seen in the season finale. Which is too bad, since R2 had them too in Attack of the Clones. Expect to see both R5-D4 figures show up next spring.

Take a look at all the official images below, then let us know what you think in comments.

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