The Book of Boba Fett Gets the Kenner Retro-Style Figures

Boba Fett always was one of the most popular Kenner Star Wars figures, in part because of his legendary should-have-fired-but-didn’t rocket pack. Now that he finally got his own show, it’s only fair that the Kenner retro style get applied. Like later figures on the vintage line, it incorporates cloth robes rather than just vinyl capes. This results in a way cooler Tusken Raider than the original line ever got.

Grogu now comes with a frog, and a carrying backpack like the one that came in the vintage The Empire Strikes Back survival kit set for Yoda. Fennec Shand includes a removable helmet, while Boba Fett comes in his soft-goods Tusken robe. This version of Mando includes a cloth cape; Cad Bane and Krrsantan come with their weapons.

In addition to revealing the retro line, Hasbro also showcased their first rendition of Din Djarin’s modified N-1 Starfighter, as part of the smaller scale Mission Fleet. It includes smaller versions of both Din and Grogu in a 2.5-inch scale. This affordable set rings up at $22.99, while the Kenner-style figures run $11.99 apiece. The N-1 should hit stores soon, while the retro figures arrive in the fall.

Take a look at the official images below. Then let us know in comments which one is your favorite.

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