Hasbro Announces Avengers 60th Anniversary Figures and More

To celebrate six decades in the comics, Hasbro today revealed a lineup of Avengers 60th anniversary figures. They come in a variety of sizes and assortments — like previous anniversary programs, they will come as deluxe boxed items, with giants, 2-packs, deluxe, and single figures. A 12-inch Super Adaptoid is the largest, while two-packs will include Bruce Banner (with removable glasses) and classic Hulk, Skrull Queen and Super Skrull, Sersi and Black Knight, Secret Wars Doctor Doom and Monica Rambeau, and Thor with the Destroyer. A rare vehicle set puts Hawkeye on a Sky Cycle, while individual figures include a new super-poseable Black Widow, the Iron Man mark 1, and Bucky Cap.

On the morning livestream, Hasbro’s team also revealed a new Spider-Man wave, minus the build-a-figure. It features new versions of Ben Reilly as Spider-Man and Chasm, new Miles Morales, Elektra Daredevil, Rose, Tarantula, and Jessica Drew on a new, buffer female body. The animated VHS-style package line gets a new two-pack, with no mere repaints this time: Aunt May and Doc Ock. The animated-style Doc Ock includes, at last, bendy tentacles, which will work with previous Doc Ock figures as well.

Finally, they teased an Avengers comics-based HasLab project announcement. What could it be? What Avengers item that’s too large for retail would fans want? We’ll have to wait and see.

Preorders for the Ock/May two-pack begin tomorrow, but the others remain TBD. Check out our screenshots from the livestream below for a better look. Then tell us what you think the HasLab could be in comments!

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