Build a Tom Hardy Bane With McFarlane’s Dark Knight Movie Toys

By popular demand, McFarlane Toys is finally taking on older DC movies. They announced a Dark Knight trilogy wave of figures way back at New York Comic Con, showing digital renders, but now the actual product images are here, and it’s time to revisit the Nolanverse. In this offering, buy four figures to collect the parts for a fifth: the Tom Hardy Bane.

The choices are probably the ones one would expect, save perhaps the omission of Catwoman. Batman comes in his armor from the second and third films, along with a Heath Ledger Joker, Aaron Eckhart Two-Face, and fully masked and straitjacketed Scarecrow (no actor likeness on that one).

This isn’t entirely the first time these characters have seen 7-inch figure form. NECA made scaled-down versions of their 18-inch Ledger Joker and Begins Batman as 7-inch premiums to be sold with Blu-rays only. Those are hotly sought after still, and McFarlane knows it. Now fans will have a more affordable option.

Mattel originally held the movie license, making a series of 6-inch “Movie Masters” as well as more simplified figures for kids. Even their collector-targeted figures didn’t sport this level of detail, though.

And just as Tom Hardy built himself up to play Bane, you’ll build him up with included pieces from each of his compadres. Muffled voice chip not included, sadly.

Preorders for the build-a-Bane Dark Knight trilogy figures begin Feb 16th at most of your favorite outlets. Now, McFarlane: time to do the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher movies next (Jack Nicholson’s exorbitant likeness fee excluded, perhaps).

Will you be among those clicking “Buy”? Let us know in comments.

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