Aquaman Page Punchers Figures Coming Next From McFarlane

When McFarlane Toys first introduced Page Punchers figures, the idea behind them was an affordable $10 small figure with a comic book. Rather quickly, the line pivoted back to the more standard 7-inch McFarlane scale, with a themed comic and figures based on their appearance in that specific issue. At first the comics teamed up multiple heroes. Now, though, they tend to be themed to one hero in particular. And it often gives McFarlane a chance to make one of their key villains never done before in the main line. Up next comes a wave — no pun intended — of Aquaman Page Punchers.

The highlight here is an all-new Black Manta, though the series also includes Aqualad and updated Ocean Master and Aquaman. Take a look below:

Everybody gets a trident this time around, looks like. The included comic will be all new. And given the character selection, probably geared to casual fans ho know most of them from the movie. There’s no timeframe announced besides “Coming Soon,” but McFarlane Toys general doesn’t release promo images until an imminent date comes nigh.

The larger Page Punchers typically retail for $24.99, similar to the price point of figures which include build-a-figure parts.

Do you like the Aquaman Page Punchers wave so far? Let us know in comments below!

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