Sectaurs Action Figures Return From The Nacelle Company

The ’80s proved such a golden era for action figure lines that a large percentage of them can still warm the nostalgia cockles of grown collectors’ hearts. Beyond the obvious heavy-hitters like Transformers and ThunderCats, toy stores saw the likes of The Bone Age and Sectaurs. That last one now looks like the latest to revive. The Nacelle Company, who produced The Toys That Made Us, are now moving into the business of actually selling new versions of the figures that make them. In this case, Sectaurs, with two figures now available for preorder.

One of several fantasy/sci-fi hybrid lines to pop up in the wake of Masters of the Universe, Coleco’s Sectaurs depicted insect- and arachnid-themed warriors. For the line’s main gimmick, giant bug hand puppets with motorized wings could carry the figures on their backs. And the Hyve playset was one of the largest base sets of the decade. Adding some prestige, a Marvel comics miniseries written by Bill Mantlo expanded on the Sectaurs storyline.

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The new figures, in 7-inch scale like the originals, kick off with good-guy leader Prince Dargon and the previously unreleased-but-prototyped Stelara. Both should arrive in 2023, and cost $39.99 apiece.

This is actually the second Sectaurs revival — Zica Toys previously Kickstartered a 4-inch line. The bonus of The Nacelle Company’s versions is they’ll work with ’80s Sectaurs figures and playsets, for anyone who still has them. Take look through the mini-gallery below for images.

Will you build a new hive (or Hyve) with these Sectaurs? Let us know in comments!

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