Build Solomon Grundy with McFarlane’s Batman: Arkham City Wave

Born on a Monday? Not necessarily. This Solomon Grundy action figure comes together on whatever day you manage to finish buying all four figures in McFarlane ToysBatman: Arkham City figure wave. Based on the popular video game that teams up Batman and Catwoman, the line features familiar characters in new looks. Although in most cases, those new looks feature many classic elements, keeping the figures quite recognizable.

Of course there’s a Batman in the wave. He’s similar to the previous Arkham Asylum game-based Batman, but with a more classic color scheme. Just as constipated a face, though.

Catwoman hasn’t really had her due from McFarlane yet, but this might do it. Especially if those goggles are adjustable. Knowing McFarlane, though, why do we suspect a whole separate head variant will arrive later?

Penguin looks a lot more like the recent movie version than we remembered. At least this one uses his signature hat and umbrella. And hey, if you want to pretend his umbrella is secretly a gun, you’ve circumvented WB’s ban on toy firearms.

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Ra’s al Ghul looks perhaps the most different. If anyone were to try to make a custom 7-inch Wolverine, he’d make a good base.

Buy them all, and get the massive Grundy in ready-to-assemble pieces.

No preorder date is set yet, but usually a full reveal like this would indicate an early-next-week date.

Will you assemble Solomon Grundy? Let us know in comments.

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