Bane and Nekron Scale up as McFarlane’s Latest DC Megafigs

Without a doubt, the highlight of McFarlane Toys‘ tenure on the DC Multiverse toy license has been the Megafigs. Larger characters who’d normally sell in pieces as build-a-figures simply get bigger boxes, more detail, and sell for $40, which may rapidly become the standard price point for other toy lines. Somehow DC figures remain affordable, and the big guys even more so. And with that in mind, McFarlane just announced two more: Bane and Nekron.

The company made a large version of Bane before, from the Last Knight on Earth comic. That prompted fan demand for a proper, classic-styled version. Now here he is in all his Bat back-breaking glory. McFarlane loves massively pumped-up monstrous characters, and Bane fits the bill.

Nekron’s a little slimmer, due to being undead and all. But his sculpt relishes the gruesome details like his exposed, black heart. The villain from Blackest Night, who wants to purge all life and emotion from the universe, comes with the kind of scythe appropriate for a grimly reaping villain.

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Expect Bane and Nekron in September. Entertainment Earth and other sites have the preorders up now. (Note: Superhero Hype and Entertainment Earth are affiliate partners, and this site may earn fees for purchases made through links.) In the meantime, get a good look at pictures of the figures from every angle in the gallery below.

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