NECA Debuts Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Toys With Zombo

At last, NECA and Rob Zombie movies, together again. Having had a fruitful partnership with toys from House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and Halloween, NECA mostly skipped the director’s lower-budget subsequent offerings like 31. (Nazi clowns may not be the world’s easiest sell.) But now that the horrormeister is back with his highest-profile movie in years — and a PG one, at that! — toys feel more natural than ever. But the first action figure from Rob Zombie’s The Munsters comes as a surprise. It’s Zombo, a TV horror host who appeared in one episode of the original series.

Originally, Zombo, played by Louis Nye, was a horror host beloved by young Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick). Herman became jealous of his son’s affection for the TV personality, and tried to adopt his characteristics. As with so many hare-brained sitcom dad schemes, the results came out decidedly iffy for the big guy.

So far, nobody has announced who’s playing Zombo under that classic fright makeup. Hell, nobody even knows who’s playing Eddie, or if the Munsters even have kids yet in the movie. The recent teaser copied the show’s opening credits but left the kids out, causing many to suspect the movie will showcase the family’s origins. But regarding Zombo, longtime fans of Rob Zombie may note that the director’s regular collaborator Bill Moseley doesn’t officially have a part yet. And this look would not feel like much of a stretch for him.

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The Zombo figure will sell exclusively at NECA’s San Diego Comic-Con booth. Unlike some of their other exclusives, no online orders seem planned at this time. That said, the company generally finds a way to make exclusives accessible to everyone eventually. But the only way to ensure one is at SDCC. Pricing as yet unknown, but $40-$50 seems a safe bet.

Nobody expects NECA to stop there, of course. If they have toy rights for Munsters movie characters, we should at least see Herman, Lily, and Grandpa later on. Who would you like to see join the line? Let us know in comments.

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