Hasbro’s Star Wars Celebration 2022 Toy Reveals Favor Obi-Wan and Lola

A new Obi-Wan Kenobi show means new Obi-Wan Kenobi toys, and Hasbro seems much more prepared for this one than they were for The Book of Boba Fett. Mainly, someone clued them in in advance to the existence of Lola, a.k.a. L0-LA59, the companion droid for [Spoiler]. They’re betting big on Lola for toy potential, no doubt hoping she’ll be closer to Grogu than The Rise of Skywalker‘s D-O. In fact, the Bounty Collection series of cute PVC minis that previously only featured Grogu will expand to include Lolas. The droid will also get a $90 animatronic edition with three play modes and 45 light and sound combos. If that’s too steep, a $39 interactive edition features push-button sounds and articulated panels.

The previously announced Obi-Wan Black Series figure will now also come with Lola, but that’s far from the only Star Wars Black Series announcement for old Ben. ShopDisney gets an exclusive Ralph McQuarrie concept art set of Kenobi vs. Vader (pictured above). And all three Inquisitors featured on the show thus far get 6-inch figures along with the previously announced Reva. Others in that scale include Aayla Secura, Greef Karga in Magistrate robes, and a Clone Wars Darth Maul, with open shirt and robot legs. The new Star Wars: Jedi Survivor game inspires a Scout Trooper in riot gear.

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That Scout Trooper will also appear in 3-3/4 inch vintage collection scale, headlining a game-themed three pack alongside a MagnaGuard and KX Security Droid. Obi-Wan (with Lola, of course) also joins this scale, along with Reva, R2-SHW (Antoc Merrick’s droid, to go with his X-Wing), and a four-pack of Hoth Rebel soldiers. Plus a $28 Dark Trooper will come with a modular wall recess to army build and connect.

And then there’s HasLab — the next big crowdfunded item will be a $500 Reva lightsaber, with dual blades and the ability to split in two. In other miscellaneous news, a retro style Snowspeeder Luke will be the next multicolored test shot figure, in several variant schemes, and Star Wars Monopoly gets an all-Dark Side edition. Check out the massive gallery below for official images, and check all your favorite online retailers June 1 for preorders.

Which is your favorite reveal? Let us know in comments.

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